Here’s How Salesforce SMS Can Help you Generate More Business

Salesforce CRM has always been in headlines for providing people with tremendous results in a comparatively shorter time frame. No matter, how many other software have come up with the same perspective, none of them has been enough capable of replacing it in the market. Making sure that all advanced technological functionalities are integrated with its platform, it is always up with better and enhanced capabilities to provide its users with a magnificent experience. One of the latest addition was ‘Salesforce SMS’ which allows users to communicate with their clients, prospects or market vendors via text messages on the global level. No matter in which corner of the world you are, you can always make the most out of SMS to ensure a larger number of benefits, and hence generate higher revenue. Our blog highlights the key usage of the amazing functionality of texting on such a huge platform in the present era.

Well, you should be aware that SMS for Salesforce not only helps you with sending and receiving texts but rather it also provides you with some really cool features that can definitely bring more profit to your business enterprise. It always ensures that you do not face any kind of related troubles in the long journey. Despite having its default functionality of sending/ receiving messages, Salesforce came up with this new concept of relative apps for ease and convenience to the people. In order to save their time as well as money, it gives them a wide range of Salesforce powered SMS apps to choose from.

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Moreover, the apps being highly functional and capable of providing the users with high-end results, are equipped with the most advanced capabilities which can deliver you quality results in no time. Salesforce SMS is highly recommended if there is so much more you wish to do with text messages. The other advanced features include hyperlink click tracking, scheduling, surveys, dark hours, integration with CTI and WhatsApp, SMS templates, etc. Is there anything more a marketer can even wish for? Not only marketers, but it is equally beneficial for the employees working in all possible departments of an organization, whether it be Sales, Finance, Customer Support, etc.


If you are currently looking for the best options for the Salesforce SMS apps, we can lend you a helping hand to find the same. Natively built on the world’s most dominant CRM platform, 360 SMS App can prove its worth to you by being your one-stop solution and empowering you to make the best out of text messages. Looking forward to giving us a chance? Get in touch with our texting experts today and get started now. Unleash the maximum potential of Salesforce CRM combined with the power of texting.

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